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Quinio is a technology company that acquires and builds brands that sell through e-commerce. We are passionate about good products and bringing the best to Latin American homes. We seek to become the largest seller of consumer products in the e-commerce ecosystem in Latin America. We are a team of world-class operators and are backed by extraordinary venture capital funds, angel investors, and successful entrepreneurs. Be among the first to join the team and help us build Quinio.

Job Opportunity: Lead Data Scientist

Are you looking for a career in artificial intelligence revolving on eCommerce?

Quinio believes that there is a better way to execute online sales transactions for CPG brands that sale direct to consumer through their own website and through marketplaces.

What you will do as a Data Scientist: 

  • Work with the product team to build and enhance prediction models utilizing supervised machine learning as well as deep learning techniques to deliver predictions alongside: inventory planning, forecasting, operations, marketing analytics, among other user cases.
  • Analyze consumer patterns and sales transactions, explore, select input variables (features) and apply data transformation techniques to build and enhance models to predict based on Quinio’s user cases.
  • Collaborate with the data engineering and product development team to build product functionality and deploy to production with a high level of confidence.
  • Build and deploy reliable and highly available model endpoints capable of processing data streams in real time to predict inventory levels, sales volume, marketing spend, among other user cases.
  • Create and deploy training instances to continuously enhance the performance of artificial intelligence models.

What we are looking for: 

  • An experienced data scientist with prior experience in building software products.
  • Excitement about joining a CPG direct to consumer platform based on technology utilizing machine learning models to enhance the productivity of the company.
  • Ability to make tradeoffs between feature and algorithm selection throughout the various product lifecycles (from MVP to full functional product) and allow the company to deliver value to its brand portfolio as quickly as possible.
  • A Data Scientist that has a high bar for their and others’ work.
  • Pace setters that understand that systems improve through frequent, if not daily iteration.
  • Ability to quickly test and validate hypothesis to improve model performance. 
  • Proven knowledge and prior experience in data analysis, statistics, mathematics and supervised artificial intelligence frameworks and tools.
  • Strong interest and prior experience building artificial intelligence models that have been deployed to production as well as testing environments in the cloud.
  • The ideal candidate has prior knowledge of AWS’s Machine Learning solutions or CPG that can seamlessly integrate models built in python with capacity to interact real-time with other APIs.

Quinio has a unique combination of experience in e-commerce, Amazon, Mercado Libre, technology, and investments. This is a unique opportunity to gain experience and responsibility in a startup that is backed by top-tier investors such as AlleyCorp, Cometa, DILA Capital, WTI, and GBM Ventures. As part of Quinio, you will have the opportunity to work on meaningful projects that will immediately impact our clients while working alongside the best group of professionals and entrepreneurs.